Johnny Marr


Johnny Marr was the other founder of the band Smiths, born October 31, 1963 in Ardwick Manchester. He attended mainly Cathloic schools and he started his first band at the age of 13 and they were called the Paris Valentinos along with his friends Andy Rourke and Kevin Wiliiams. Then he and Rourke created the White Dice and later would create another band known as the Freak party. The band Freak Party and they couldn't find a singer for a new band and the lead singer suggested that Steven Morrissey be the new lead singer. Marr's guitar was the thing that made the songs so memmorable his riffs that he did with the guitar sounded so well that it is the reason that many people listen to the song and then with the voice of Morrissey the songs just always sounded good. But due to Marr always going with other bands to collaborate with them Morrissey though that he should stop and this is one reason the band split apart. Many years later people continued to think they would reunite but Marr turned there statements down saying never will the Smiths play together. Marr still played the guitar for multiple bands after the Smith but wasn't as succesful as he was when he was in the band and will never be with the band again.